New Shipping Rates + Tracking

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Helloooo my dear Starlights!

I wish eveything is going well for you lovelies! I'm here to announce a suuuper-requested feature (super-requested by me too) ....💦

Finally, Tracking Number is now included (and fully-traceable) in every order! 🥳

You can monitor the parcels with the automatic link in the email you'll receive when the order has been fulfilled. You can also trace your parcel path on external platforms like 17track!

I'm so so so happy that finally this option is now available. Another big news is that the Shipping Rates overall is now even cheaper than before! 🎈

For further info please check the FAQs page! ✨

I wish that this new method will bring you a safer, happier and smoother experience on my website!

I send you a huuge virtual hug, stay healthy and drink a lot of water!

With Love,

- Leap

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