• What's the Shipping Service used?

    All the orders are shipped with Italian Postal Service, and they are typically processed and shipped out within 2~3 business days.  


  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    The arrival of your order is expected in the following timeframes:
    Europe: 1-2 weeks to arrive
    USA/Global: 4-5 weeks to arrive | DUE TO COVID please calculate at least 6 weeks for receive the parcel.

    **Note that the parcel is sent out in the moment you receive the email from my store that states that the order has been shipped and is on its way.


  • What about Tracking Info?

    STANDARD Shipping Service gives an identification number to the parcels but without a full tracking-system. This option is advisable to avoid high shipping costs.
    REGISTERED Shipping Service takes, more or less, the same amount of time to deliver mails but it grants you a tracking number.

  • How shipping rates are calculated? 

    Shipping costs are affected by the overall weight of your order. if you place a huge order, rates are likely to increase.


  • What is this store's return / exchange policy? 

    I have a no-refund policy, but I'd be glad to help if there is any problem with the order. Just contact me at leaphere.art@gmail.com with your name, order number and pictures of the damaged product.


  • I placed a preorder, how does it work? 

    If you placed a pre-order, the delivery/shipping time should be approximately indicated in the product page.
    **NOTE: if you placed an order of an in-stock item together with a pre-order item, it will be shipped together once the pre-ordered product is available in the warehouse.


  • Do you have grading scale selection for your items? 

    Even if I don't use any grading system for selecting my items, I inspect them singularly for provide you the best quality. It could happen that an item has a slight imperfection. If the issue is substantial please contact me at leaphere.art@gmail.com so we can handle the problem.


If you have any other issue related with the orders, please contact me at leaphere.art@gmail.com

By purchasing on www.leaphere.shop you agree to the above conditions. Many thanks!